Lime Green and White Talk Bubble Personalized Post-It® Notes

What better way to keep your sticky notes on your desk? Personalize them with your name attached to the bottom of every talk bubble. Seriously, then when they go missing the other person won’t be able to use them without calling themselves out.

They’re good for teachers, office managers, sales reps and even spouses. Personalize it with a nickname like “mom” or “your true love” and own it! The sample shows the name in all lower-case lettering, but that is just for display purposes. You could type in your own NaME LiKE ThiS and the Zazzle printers won’t even look at you funny.

Dimensions: 4” x 3” (Adhesive side: 4″ edge). Printed in full color on 50-sheet white Post-it® Notes paper.

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My main interests lie in what is funny, pretty, interesting or a combination of all three. Board games from when I was four, kick-ass jewelry, mugs that reference bodily functions...yeah, the scope is wide.

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