Looney Tunes Salt and Pepper

Looney Tunes Skunk Salt and Pepper Set

Le sigh, this food tastes so bland. Le answer, chérie? A Pepé le Pew pepper and Penelope Pussycat (le purr!) salt shaker, of course. The Looney Tunes skunk and cat duo will be the talk of any dinner table, whether in English, French or Franglais.

Lend the irresistible charm of the Pepé the French skunk to something as practical as a pepper shaker and you have a winning combination. Of course, pepper  is nothing without salt, as even lovesick Pepé would have to agree. The focus of his famous Looney Tunes romance is the beautiful black and white cat Penelope, who the Gallic charmer mistakes for a lady skunk.

Know Your Salt from Your Pepper… or is it Pepé?

Well, naturally, Pepé is the pepper in this perfect pairing. But it wouldn’t do to confuse the salt and the pepper, anymore than it would to mistake a kitty cat for a skunk. So Penelope holds up a red sign to say ‘I’m Salt’, while Pepé holds one up to tell you he’s… well… Pepé.

Perfect for the Looney Tunes fan!

Yes, the Looney in your life will love this one. Generations of us grew up glued to those toons, and have fond memories of laughing at Pepé as he bounced along, while poor Penelope tried to hide. This is a good gift for the hard-to-buy-for guy setting up his own home, or for a couple with a shared love of classic cartoons.

The shakers are made from ceramic and have a hidden magnet that keeps the pair side by side. They are 3 and 3-quarter inches high. As official licensed Looney Tunes merchandise, they are ideal for fans of the cartoon characters, but also a cute gift for skunk lovers or of course great for salt and pepper set collectors.

So now you can breathe le sigh of relief and sit back to enjoy the smiles of joy as Pepe and his lady friend Penelope are given a place of honor in their new home.

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