Braun Food Processor

I Love My Braun Food Processor

If you live in the USA, this is the model of the Braun food processor that you will need.  Be sure you get this model, as lots of them are set up for 220 volts. This one, is equipped for 110 volts. This model is the Braun K650 Multiquick 600-watt Kitchen Machine Food Processor.

I purchased mine in 2009, and have used it at the time of this writing, for five years. I must tell you – I love my Braun Food Processor!

It is:

  1. Quiet
  2. Easy to use
  3. Safe to use, as the bowl has to be locked for it to run
  4. Extremely easy to clean
  5. Efficient
  6. Fast
  7. Easy to store

…and it comes with:

  • a citrus juicer attachment
  • 4 interchangeable stainless steel cutting blades
  • 3 different mixing blades
  • the stable motorized base with a 600 watt motor
  • offers 14 different speeds, including pulse
  • a 9-cup capacity bowl (approximately 2 liters)
  • white pusher to help you push ingredients through the chute

One thing I like about the Braun Food Processor vs. the Cuisinart, is that it locks securely with a one-handed operation. It is also a LOT easier to clean, in my opinion, and MUCH quieter than my Cuisinart was. It almost rinses clean, and what residue is left comes out easily with a little bit of hot soapy water.

I run the bowl, the blades, and the top lid through the dishwasher, on the top rack, without any damage to it at all.

So far, I have used it to chop nuts, make homemade peanut butter, make coleslaw, chop vegetables, make sauces, de-lump gravy, and shred carrots. That’s all I can remember right now, and it did a spectacular job on each one of those tasks.

Since I have owned it, all I can say is that I love my Braun Food Processor!

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