Chalkboard Memo Mug

Love My Chalkboard Memo Mug!

About a year ago, my oldest daughter bought me one of these chalkboard memo mugs. I simply love it!

When she gave it to me, she thought it would help me remember things that urgently needed attention, and she was right. Since then, I realized that it is a perfect way to let that “someone special” in your life, know that you loved them. What better way to get their attention, than to serve them their morning coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or whatever they drink – with a love note written on it!

It could also serve to teach your children new words – such as a “word-of-the-day” lesson, or to remind your husband that the car needed to go to the mechanic, or to tell your wife how much you love seeing her smiling face in the morning.

Suggestions for messages:

  • I am so glad you are my husband!
  • Would you like to go out to eat this evening?
  • Please pick up the children from school today…
  • Look under the bed for your birthday gift!
  • Don’t forget the bank deposit!
  • It’s your brother’s birthday tomorrow.
  • I wish you could stay home, today!
  • Do you know how much I love you?
  • I am sorry…please forgive me.

I am sure you can think of a lot more ways you could brighten up someone’s morning – or evening – with a bit of creativity. Whoever came up with this idea, should be given an award, as it is a clever, innovative way to “say” something – first thing in the morning!

P.S. The mugs comes with 4 different color rims, but you unfortunately cannot specify which color you prefer!

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