We Love Sunseed SUNatural guinea pig food!

All of our guinea pigs love Sunseed SUNatural guinea pig food! We have tried several different brands, but the guinea pigs were unimpressed with the others. Sometimes we have to purchase another kind, but it is made abundantly clear, that they prefer Sunseed SUNatural.

It is loaded with all of the things that guinea pigs, or cavies, like the most. What is MORE important, is that it contains vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in the proper quantities, to keep your guinea pigs in tip-top shape.

Guinea pigs tend to have delicate digestive systems, and abrupt changes to their diets can upset their tender tummies. Guinea pig food that has too much calcium can cause them to have difficulties with their kidneys and urinary tracts.  Additives such as sugar, which is in some widely-purchased guinea pig treats, can cause them to be diabetic. There are some guinea pig treats that have a yogurt coating on them, which you should NEVER feed to your “pigs”, as we affectionately call them.

The folks at Sunseed SUNaturals have created a guinea pig food that is perfect. It is full of herbs, seeds, berries, flowers, hay, vegetables, and of course – green guinea pig pellets. Our cavies eat it as though it was dessert, and it keeps them healthy and happy, too!

The Sunseed SUNaturals guinea pig food is not the least expensive guinea pig diet to be had, but it is simply – the best!

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