Loving pets dog or cat bowl

Loving Pets Polka Dot Dog or Cat Bowl

Do you have a female pet that you consider to be a little princess?  If so, this Loving Pets polka dot dog or cat bowl  is a perfect choice.   After all, we consider our pets to be one of the family.

There are a few things that are really nice about this particular bowl.  The first is that the bowl itself is stainless steel.  This is a good choice for a pet, because it resists bacteria.

Secondly, it has a rubber base which helps prevent noise, and skidding around the floor.  Most cats and dogs like to lick the bowl clean and this will minimize it moving around too much.

The bowl is safe for the dishwasher.  This is the most efficient way to sanitize it for our pets health.

And finally, this Loving pets polka dot dog or cat bowl is super cute!   It’s available in three different sizes.  The smallest bowl holds about six ounces, so it’s suitable for most cats and small dogs.

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