Magnogrip Magnetic Wristband: The Perfect Holder for Nails and Screws

I admit, I’m not the builder of the family. That would be my husband. What I am, though, is the holder. My job is to stand there and hand him nails, screws, or whatever metal objects he happens to be working with.

It’s really a boring job. I’d rather be shopping, cooking, cleaning, anything other than metering out nails and screws. So I got smart, I bought him a magnetic wrist holder.

He didn’t think it would work at first, but now he wouldn’t think of doing a job without it. I actually think I may even like it better than me because it doesn’t complain.

The Magnogrip is made out of durable polyester and is one size fits all. There are magnetic strips all the way around the holder, which means you’ll have more space to attach screws, drill bits, and nails.

One side bonus some users have reported is the Magnogrip’s strong magnets have provided pain relief in their wrists.

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