Makala Concert Ukulele Starter Pack

As a guitarist I of course was familiar with what a Ukulele is but when I decided to actually learn to play one I had to do some research before my purchase!

After seeking advice from several sources I discovered that one of the most popular brands of Ukuleles is the Makala line from Kala. Sounds funny but Kala is a well respected builder of high quality Ukuleles and their lower cost Makala line lets more people enjoy a fine Ukulele!

I learned that Ukuleles come in four sizes. From smallest to largest they are Soprano, Concert, Tenor & Baritone. I chose the Concert size because it seemed a good compromise between size and tone. The larger Ukuleles tend to sound more like a guitar the bigger they get and the Soprano is small so the fingering is more difficult.

This is the Ukulele starter Pack I purchased and I have enjoyed a couple years of enjoyment. The Makala Concert Ukulele may not be fancy looking but it sounds lovely and is very easy to learn and play. It comes with everything you need to make your Ukulele journey a happy one.

As an experienced musician I understand the importance of choosing an instrument of quality because if the tone is poor, or it is hard to play you will lose interest fast. Another important part of any stringed instrument is the ability to easily tune it and that it stays in tune! The Makala Concert satisfied my needs in all those areas.

Take it from me, MrMusic, if you want to learn to play the Ukulele you will be very happy purchasing the Makala Concert Ukulele Starter Pack!

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I have been playing music since 1967. I stared with the drums, then added guitar in 1970. I earned a BA in Music theory in 1977. Along the way I also learned bass guitar, ukulele and penny whistle. Through I will be sharing lots of COOL STUFF to educate and make your life more FUN!

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