Marilyn Monroe purse

Marilyn Monroe Purse

This lovely Marilyn Monroe purse certainly makes a fashion statement.  No one represented glamour and sex appeal better than Marilyn did.  She remains a silver screen icon decades after her untimely death.

It’s safe to say anyone would know that is   Marilyn’s image on the  handbag.   It is very tastefully done, and a nice  size.  Really large images can be too extravagant on a purse.

The bag is practical too, as it has a zipper at the top, a pocket at the back and an inside pocket perfect for carrying a cell phone.  I like that feature  as it keeps it  in a handy place all the time.   I tend to carry a lot of things in my handbag, and I always want the  phone to be easily accessible.

The Marilyn Monroe purse is not made of leather, but the material is soft.  This handbag is perfect for an evening out, whether you are wearing blue jeans or more formal wear.


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