Marilyn Monroe Sugar Skull Queen Size Plush Blanket by David Gonzales Art

Marilyn Monroe Sugar Skull Plush Blanket

This portrait of Marilyn Monroe ain’t your mama’s fan art.   From the soft warm expanse of a huge Queen size thick plush blanket, Marilyn flirts and smiles, all full lips and lashes with vintage Hollywood glam – instantly recognizable as the tragic Norma Jean, in life the ultimate 1950s sex symbol and even today the object of fascination.  But this is Marilyn Monroe as you’ve never seen her in the old posters and studio publicity shots.

As interpreted by California’s own somewhat controversial Mexican-American cartoonist/artist, David Gonzales, this version of the movie star shows her bustier than life, richly tattooed, and shadowed by a Day of the Dead “sugar skull” version of herself.

The level of detail is stunning, with a real sense of airbrushed pin-up girl contours in the curving lines and shadings of the art.  We have, in this portrait of Marilyn Monroe, both a representation of the irresistably vibrant life force that attracted players and playwrights, even Presidents, like a moth to the flame of her sex appeal –  and at the same time, in the same image, echoes of Santa Muerte’s realm which so tragically claimed Marilyn at far too young an age.

This is an officially licensed image of Marilyn Monroe, and arguably the finest of David Gonzales’ pictures in the short series he’s done of the immortal Hollywood star.

The blanket itself is full Queen sized, 79 inches wide by 95 inches long, and made of high-quality thick polyester plush fleece for superior warmth and pleasure, a must-have for any Marilyn fan.

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