Match and Munch Sandwich Cutters

Tired of constantly telling your kids not to play with their food? Reach a fun compromise with this cool jigsaw puzzle sandwich cutter.

Whether it’s cleaning up after them or just getting them to eat period, kids can be a chore when it comes to eating. For some, it’s a fight to get them to put anything in their mouth. Others are less concerned with eating and more fascinated with playing with whatever happens to be on their plate.

That’s where the Match and Munch sandwich cutters by Lunch Punch come in. It tempts stubborn eaters by making things interesting, and thrills kids who would rather make race cars out of their Cheerios than eat them.

Picky eaters can be a nightmare to feed. It’s like whatever we as parents give them isn’t up to their standards. Parents of playful eaters have it a little easier. At least they eat. Eventually.

But these puzzle cutouts makes their sandwich, waffles, or pancakes cool because their food isn’t just food, it’s something to play with. And it’s food they’re allowed to play with.

Each Match and Munch comes in a set of four and is made of BPA-free plastic. The cutters are designed to use as much bread as possible, so basically you’ll just be throwing away the crust most kids hate anyway.

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