Mavea water filtration system

Mavea Water Filtration System

My family and I drink a lot of water.   We did not want to be drinking it right out of a tap, but also didn’t want the expense of buying bottled water.    All those water bottles end up in landfills eventually too.   So we were looking for a good solution.

We heard about the Mavea water filtration system and decided to give it a try.  What convinced us to use this brand was the advanced technology used for the filter.   Unlike some other systems, the filter does not need to be presoaked.  Simply put it in the pitcher and add water.

You won’t see any of those black particles that are common with inferior filters.  The Mavea water filtration system also does a superior job in reducing heavy metals, chlorine and chemicals from tap water.   This makes the water much safer to drink, and it tastes better too.

This is  why I believe Mavea is the best choice for drinking water, or to use later for coffee or tea.  It is BPA free as well.

Another benefit of using this system is the filter will indicate when you need to replace it with a new one.  This eliminates forgetting to change an ineffective filter or having to guess.

The top is self opening, so you don’t need to remove it to add water.  The top will close when it is full.

I like having rubber on the base of the pitcher.  It prevents scratches on a kitchen counter or table.  The handle is made of rubber and is very sturdy.

We have the large pitcher.  However, it is quite heavy when completely full.   Someone with arthritis might find it hard to manage.  Smaller sizes are available.  Both sizes come in many different colors.

Overall I highly recommend this product.  It looks nice on a table too.

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