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Metal Cribbage Board Template and Kit by: Chefwares

Classic woodworking project

Chefwares Cribbage Board Template Kit is an ideal gift for the novice woodworker in your life. Making a cribbage boards is not only rewarding , once you have completed the project you have a classic cribbage board to use any time you want to play a game of cribbage.

Give them as gifts or make them to sell

The greatest challenge when making a homemade cribbage board, is getting the number of holes correct, and then lining them up properly. This do-it-yourself cribbage board kit by Chefwares includes a metal template that makes that task easy. Best of all, after you have made your very own cribbage board, you will still have this template to make additional boards to give as gifts, or offer for sale.

Enough extras to make two complete boards

The kit comes with a metal cribbage board template, 24 metal pegs for scoring, 2-peg doors, and 2-1/8” drill bits. That’s enough for making two complete cribbage boards. This is a four lane continuous paya to 120 points style template. This board is designed for two to four players, making it convenient for any size gathering.

One peg at a time

How do you make a cribbage board? The same way you win the game – One pegging hole at a time. If you are ready to take on a simple, but fun woodworking project, or need a special gift for the woodworker, or cribbage player in your life. – Order the Chefware cribbage board making kit with template today and it can be on its way tomorrow.

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