Red HEXBUG Crab smal

The Micro Robotic Hexbug Crab

The micro robotic creature that reacts to light and sound

This Tiny Robotic Crab is battery-powered and moves like a real crustacean. It is guided by its sensitive sound and light sensors. As son as the crab detects a thing close by, maybe another Hexbug coming near, it will react immediately by changing direction or freezing until the threat is gone. They are scary bugs but lovable creatures that will search out dark spaces to hide. Make a noise near the Robotic Hexbug Crab and it will turn around or freeze, wave your hand in front of it and the micro droid will change direction.

These Micro Robotic Creatures are unbelievable agile and fast and interprets the world with only two sensors and a tiny brain. Its great fun playing with with a couple of them an watch them interact in some kind of dance. They are not expensive to buy and Hexbug Micro and Nano robots are collectibles.

I recommend the Hexabug Crab for children from 11 years till death. Buy yourself a couple now!

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