Miele Countertop Coffee Machine Review

I love fancy schmancy coffee. I love cappuccino with hot frothy milk and cinnamon on top and the smell of fresh ground beans. The kind of coffee you need to go out for, until now. I now have the ultimate coffee lovers coffee machine.

The Miele Countertop Coffee Machine is a whole different category of coffee machine. Yes, it grinds your beans and froths your milk, but it will also remember just how you like your cappuccino.

It will also remember how strong your husband likes his espresso and how sweet your daughter likes her latte macchiato.

It is already designed to produce espresso, lattes, and 9 other settings, but you can also program it to customize those drinks. You can set up 4 profiles of coffee preferences. Imagine being your own barista in your jammies at the push of a button.

Another unbelievable option on the Miele Countertop Coffee Machine is that it cleans itself. It has automatic rinse and cleaning settings. The other parts come off and you can pop them into the dishwasher. Heavenly coffee and easy clean up, I may never leave home.

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