Mimo: The Wearable Baby Monitor

Baby monitoring. Now there’s an app for that. Mimo is a baby monitor that is actually a onesie your baby wears. It then sends data about your child’s breathing, sleep activity, body position, temperuate wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet, anywhere in the world.

The onesie is made of soft organic cotton, and a turtle, which is actually a transmitter, is what relays your baby’s info. It’s compatible with both Apple products and Android.

Mimo gives parents peace of mind when their children are in the care of others, especially new babysitters. It’s also comforting to know that if your baby has breathing difficulty during the night, your phone will let you know there’s a problem. Something a traditional baby monitor would never be able to do.

Available in sizes 0-12 months. Contains no small parts, so it poses no choke hazard to baby. Made in the USA.

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