MiP Robot Amazon Deluxe Pack

MiP Robot Amazon Exclusive Deluxe Pack

You can command your MiP Robot with simple motion commands just using your hands or you can control it with IOS or Android devices.  If you use one of your electronic devices then there is an App that has quite a few features for you to try.  You can play music for MiP and he will dance.  There are cans that you can feed him that have him take on a different personality such as happy, sad, farty, sleepy to mention a few.  You can even have him battle (which is playing laser tag using the robots) and/or box with other MiP robots.

The latest and greatest robot toy from Wowwee is the MiP Robot.  The MiP robot  Amazon exclusive deluxe pack version comes with a rechargeable power pack.  The version available in stores would require you to put in 4 AAA batteries every 4-6 hours with moderate usage.  Plus this version comes with extra bonus equipment such as off road tire slicks, blue rims, and teeter ramp.

The dimensions for it is: 6.75″ L x 5″ W x 10.25″ H

It weighs: 1.33 Lbs         

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