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The MiP Robot

Meet MiP the gesture controlled robot with big personality!

This Amazing little Robot has so many skills and tricks up its sleeves 🙂 Only that he keeps his balance on two wheels no matter what is fun. Be sure to enjoy the short video below   😯

Watch your HouseBot explore and react to the environment, how he detects objects, reacts to them, avoids them, and then keeps on going.

You will Have Real Fun with this one! MiP lets you program him with different sequences of action or to learn to mimic your exact actions.

Powered by an iOS or Android smartphone app,free, the MiP Robot is a must for the easily bored. There are a number of modes and games you can play with this sensor-ridden Robot. Flip its wheel in your phone-display to light blue and watch this Robot DANCE!! to any tune in your music library. Hilarious.

Choose to BATTLE!! and Fire lasers at your opponent while trying to avoid damage by racing around. 

Ridiculously fun. This is a essential thing to own for the easily bored!

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