Mirage 3-D Instant Hologram Maker

Want to amaze everyone? Simply want to tease them? Who doesn’t like a good mirage?

In my opinion, this hologram maker is a great item to trick your friends and family! Optical illusions are such an interesting phenomenon, and when you can make something appear to be in one place, when it is REALLY in another – THAT is a lot of fun.

The 3-D hologram maker is about 9½ inches in circumference, and roughly 2 inches tall. It looks a bit like what most people think of, when you mention the words – “flying saucer”. The top is removable, so you can insert a small item into the base. Coins, jewelry, a piece of candy, or anything that fits, will appear to actually be on TOP of the hologram maker. It is merely an optical illusion, but most people will not suspect that, when they first see it in “action”.

We bought one of these Mirage 3-D Instant Hologram Makers for one of our businesses. Often, we use something like this, to “tease” our customers. With the hologram maker, we had so much fun, watching our clients try to pick up a diamond ring. Everyone got a chuckle, when they realized that the ring was NOT on top of the hologram maker, but securely tucked inside!

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