Misfit Beddit Sleep Monitor

Misfit Beddit Sleep Monitor

The Misfit Beddit Sleep Monitor is a sleep tracker or monitor that comes from the collaboration between Misfit and Beddit. Misfit is of course best known for the Misfit Shine activity tracker and app. Beddit is the company that produces the Beddit sleep monitor that uses a sensor that is laid unobtrusively on the bed instead of being strapped on your wrist or chest.

The Misfit Beddit Sleep Monitor combines the two companies’ best known products. The Beddit monitor is placed on top of the monitor and under the sheets at around chest level. The monitor is paper thin and causes not discomfort to the sleeper. The monitor monitors the sleeper’s breathing, heart rate, snoring and motion to determine the sleep cycle. Data is sent automatically and wirelessly to a smartphone and is processed by Misfit’s sleep monitoring app. The data can be viewed and analyzed to determine sleep quality. It can also be used to determine the best time to wake up the sleeper for optimum rest.

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