Morninghead Cap - Bed Head Cure

Morninghead Cap – Bed Head Cure

Don’t start off the day with bad hair. You just got out of bed and your hair is in a mess. There is just no taming your hair and nothing short of a shower will cure it. There is now a simple solution for that. Curing bed head just needs a couple of minutes with the Morninghead Cap.

The Morninghead Cap looks like a shower cap and you do use it like one. The difference is that it is lined with super absorbent material on the inside of the cap. This absorbent material holds up to six times its weight in water. Just fill up the Morninghead Cap with water from the tap, put it over your head and it wets your hair like you have just toweled off  after a shower. You can do this fully clothed as no water will drip from the cap. Remove the Morninghead Cap from your head and style your hair as you wish.

The Morninghead Cap is reusable. Just turn it inside-out, wring it dry and leave it to dry. If you need to give it a more thorough cleaning, you can hand wash it or machine wash it on delicates setting. This is a great invention for those who shower at night and get bed head in the morning. It also works for nap hair, hat hair, helmet hair or whatever bad hair predicaments you can think of.

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