Motorcycle Hand Grenade Disk Lock Army Green

Don’t Have a lock on your bike?  You may want to invest in one of these Army Green Hand Grenade Motorcycle Disk Locks.

Did you know that the NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau) reported that a total of 46,061 motorcycles had been stolen in 2012?  And less than half of them have been recovered!

Most stolen motorcycles end up in chop shops, disassembled, and then sold for parts.  Some of them get stowed away, trashed, or resold.  Less than half of them are returned to their rightful owners.  If you do not have a lock or security system on your bike, your just asking for trouble.

If your bike get’s stolen, odds are you will not be as lucky as Donald Devault…

Back in 1967, good old Don was only 27 years old when someone stole his prized 1953 Triumph out of his backyard in Omaha Nebraska.

Don reported it stolen, but unfortunately, the Omaha police force wasn’t up for the task.  The bike was not recovered, and Don figured it was gone for good.

Ironically, 46 years later in California, customs was doing a random inspection on a cargo container destined for Japan and came across Don’s bike.

It took them a bit of research, but they were able to track down the original owner, Don, who was still living in Nebraska.

When Don showed up in California to reclaim his old friend, he almost couldn’t believe his eyes.  He also couldn’t believe his luck.  A bike he paid only $300.00 for back in the day, is in perfect running condition and is now worth $9000.00.    Check out the video of Don being reunited with his long lost 1953 Triumph below…

As for the rest of us, don’t think you are going to be as lucky as Don.  Less than half the bikes stolen in the USA are ever returned to the original owner.  Be smart and get a lock like this one for your motorcycle.

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