NapAnywhere Head and Neck Support Pillow

NapAnywhere Head and Neck Support Pillow

If you travel as much as I do, you know how uncomfortable that flight, car or train ride is. When it’s time to sleep, you try desperately to position that U shaped head and neck support pillow so that it holds your head up properly. Does your neck feel good by the end of your journey? Not mine!

That kind of pillow just doesn’t give me the support I need. Plus, foam ones are too bulky to store in my purse or carry on bag in airplanes what with today’s ridiculous restrictions. Inflatable ones are a pain to blow up and then deflate.

The NapAnywhere is to me the best travel pillow for airplanes or any other mode of travel because it is a thin circular disc that flexes into shape according to the user’s fit to provide the best neck support possible. You won’t find your head sinking to an awkward angle because of the way the endoskeleton of the device works. The bottom can be shaped to fit your shoulder while the top cradles your face. The middle arm distributes the weight of your head evenly throughout your shoulder. When you’re done just flex it back into a disc and slip it into your laptop bag or carry on – it doesn’t need a large packing space!

Additional comfort comes with the fabric covered foam padding that keeps one side cool while the other side is warm to the touch. Ingenious! The NapAnywhere comes with an adjustable strap to keep the device in place when your asleep.

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Don't we all covet things from time to time? I do! For myself, my DH, my little one... I can spend hours just surfing through pretty and useful things and wanting them. That's why I'd like to share the best ones I find or buy for myself. Enjoy!

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