The One Handed Peasant Knife

One Handed Peasant Knife Knives

You are going to love your One Handed Peasant Knife Knives…

Tired of using the same old folding pocket knife?  Maybe you need to upgrade to the oldest pocket knife known to man.  The Peasant Knife.

The design of this folding knife pre-dates the Roman Empire and it’s popularity lasted for over two thousand years.

I love old razors and the way they flip open.  Unfortunately, they are too long to fit comfortably in my pocket.  I told a friend of mine about this dilemma and  he told me that I should get a farmers knife.  He explained that it was about the same thing, but it is the size of a pocket knife.

The idea of this intrigued me, a pocket sized flip open razor.  Why hadn’t I thought of that?  That afternoon, when I got home from work, I did a search for it online.  When I found the farmers knife, I also found out that it goes by the name of penny knife or peasant knife.

The peasant knife version is the only one that has the extended tang, like the old school razor, to assist in opening.  I love it.  The others are just simple folding knives and you have to pull on the blade to get them to open.  Not a difficult task, but I wanted one that had a blade assist aspect to it.

It fits in your pocket with little to no discomfort, and with a little practice, it is very easy to open with only one hand.

Now you have to keep in mind these knives are based on a primitive design.  These old school knives do not come with a locking mechanism.  They will close just as easily as they open.  But, there is a reason this knife design has lasted for over two thousand years; it works.

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