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Organic Raw Cashews and Teeth

Of all of the tens of thousands of nuts I have eaten, cashews were never one of my favorite ones. That has changed, since I found out that there is a direct connection between cashews and teeth. Does that sound strange? It did, to me.

I did not even know that I had an abscessed tooth, but I was feeling “punky” and saw a couple of nasty lumps on my cheek that developed. I simply thought I had eaten something that did not agree with me. A few days after they “arrived”, I realized that one of my teeth apparently was abscessed.

Not one to rush off to a dentist or doctor unnecessarily , I looked to find some natural help, or a home remedy for a tooth abscess, online. Most of the things I read about, I had tried in the past – either myself, or to attempt to help one of my offspring. THIS time, however, I read about something that is in raw cashews, and in the cashew fruit, that helps fight the specific bacteria that can create a tooth abscess.

Where I live, I did not think I was likely to find any cashew fruit, or cashew apples, as they are called. However, I know where to obtain raw cashews! As soon as I got them, I chewed about eight of them into a fine paste, and then swallowed it. I put a few of them in my cheek, where the tooth is, and sucked on them for about 30 minutes, then chewed them and swallowed them. I did that, off-and-on all day, and consumed about 6 ounces of cashews. The lumps started to go away, and I certainly felt better.

I continued that for a few days, and it appears that the abscess has subsided completely. Oh, by the way, the particular substance in raw cashew nuts that is good for our dental health, and that fights the bacteria that causes tooth decay, is called anacardic acid. Hope this helps someone else!

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