Outdoor Table with Built In Cooler

Looking for a durable outdoor table with a cooler inside can be a challenge if you’re looking for one that’s both affordable, attractive and sturdy (well, that’s three things, but still) was proving to be more than a testament to how badly I wanted one.

Had I followed some magical GPS, I might have located this table a whole lot sooner, hence my excitement and the reason I’m writing about this rattan-design fun bar table with its built-in cooler (or ice chest, if you prefer).

Aside from the fabulous price–I wanted to buy one at less than $100 so I could afford to buy something to fill it, there’s plenty of room inside the table’s built-in cooler. The tabletop is adjustable and acts as the cooler’s top when not in use.

How neat is that?

The table itself is crafted from a crazy-durable plastic with a nice rattan pattern at the table’s base. I like the bar or bistro appeal this table has, and if you’ve enough room, it’s easy to envision having two–or several–of these cooler tables for a nice outdoor patio party with a few of those cheap tiki torches dotted between or near the tables.

Back to the details, here’s the specifics for this cool table with it’s even ‘cooler’ built-in cooler:

  • durable weather-resistant plastic with rattan design shell
  • generous cooler holds plenty with its eight gallon capacity
  • convenient plug/drain easily empties water from the cooler
  • drinks stay cold for hours
  • table  adjusts to 22.5-33.2 inches
  • table’s top easily lifts up and locks into place
  • easy and uncomplicated to set up; just a few screws
  • table is great when cooler isn’t being used; makes a great side table!
  • table’s rattan-look weave blends in well with your other outdoor pieces
  • hose the table and the cooler down for easy clean up
  • uber-cheap but not cheaply made

BEWARE: Your friends and family will want one, too!

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