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Pac-Man Coffee Mug Heat Sensitive

Oh the hours I used to spend playing Pac-Man! I guess I will have to admit that one has to be of a certain age to admit that they were addicted to the original game but I’m OK with that. This Pac-Man coffee mug is a perfect gift idea for those of us who would still sit down to play the game if we could find one available. In other words, those game playing friends of yours who are big fans of the little chomping yellow guy who loved to go through mazes while eating up fruits, getting extra points and clearing out obstacles.

The Pac-Man coffee mug doesn’t look like much when you first take it out. It is only when you add hot liquid like coffee or tea that the characters begin to show. All of the pieces to the game show with the points that they would rack up as you glided through the game. As the hot beverage begins to cool, the game pieces begin to fade. So, as we drink our morning cup of coffee to charge our human batteries we can get a little nostalgic for the game we used to spend hours playing.

Let me share with you that there is another Pac-Man coffee mug on the market that looks like the game in play but I would beware of that one. Many are complaining that it is a sticker that peels off after one or two uses. That is not good! I think you have a safer bet with this cute little mug. It is just one of those things that you do not need but would love to have anyway.

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