image of cozmo truck

Cozmo robot toy truck

Robotics have come a long way in recent years, specially in the toy sector. Cozmo is a new companion toy made by Anki that combines ...
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10 months ago
Disney Moana costume wig for Halloween

Disney Moana Costume Wig

A costume is a great way for a child to transport himself or herself into another place. Many grownups like to dress up as well, as ...
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11 months ago
Kids will enjoy using this Disney Moana Lunch Box.

Disney Moana Lunch Box

Lunch boxes tell a story.  If you remember bag to your days as a child, you know who liked which television program, movie or comic ...
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11 months ago
Disney Moana party supplies-leaf plates.

Disney Moana Party Supplies

Picking a theme for your child’s birthday party is a fun thing for you todo together. Depending on their age, they can have a lot of ...
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11 months ago
This book makes the perfect Disney Moana party favor.

Disney Moana Party Favors

When you are planning a children’s birthday party, you want everything to be done right. From the themed invitations to the ...
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11 months ago
Girls will love this Disney Moana bedding set.

Disney Moana Bedding Set

Does your favorite girl want a change to her bedroom decor but your wallet is not up to entire room makeover? Together, you can come ...
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11 months ago
Boy will love dressing in this Disney Maui costume from the film Moana.

Disney Maui Costume for Boys

Kids love to dress up for Halloween as the latest characters. Disney has a brand new cast of characters who are going to premiere this ...
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11 months ago
Girls will feel like a princess while wearing this Elena of Avalor party dress.

Elena of Avalor Party Dress

Children have incredible imaginations. A simple accessory can send their minds into another place and time. In fact, role playing is ...
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1 year ago