I Park Like an Idiot Bumper Sticker

I Park Like an Idiot Bumper Sticker

We encounter them all the time. The car that parked across two spaces. The car that parked so close to your car, you couldn’t open the door. The car that parked diagonally. In short, people who park like an idiot. Some of us take a photo and then post to our social media accounts but most of us just fume about it because basically there is nothing you can do about it. Well, now you can do something about it with the I Park Like an Idiot Bumper Sticker.

The next time you come across someone who parks like an idiot, just slap one of these bumper stickers on the idiot’s car and get the message across. Don’t worry about being accused of vandalism as these stickers are not very sticky and can easily peel off. They are not for vandalizing but to shame the car owner. Hopefully he or she does not notice the new addition immediately and drives around town with the proclamation.

The  I Park Like an Idiot Bumper Sticker comes in a pack of 20 stickers.

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