Parrot AR Drone

Parrot AR Drone: Cool Smartphone-Controlled Quadcopter

Now I know that remote controlled robots are not for kids only. This cool smartphone-controlled quadcopter drone, that can be controlled by an app, is just awesome. Just check the video above!

Parrot AR Drone Elite Quadcopter looks like it popped out of a spy movie or  a space-age thriller. It basically is a flying drone that can take videos while it hover,  flies, swoops and flips in the air. Go as high as you can because it has stabilizers that will help it keep its balance as your fly it up higher into the air. So cool!

This awesome tech does not come with a controller, as you would have to use your existing iPad, iPhone or Android phone. Just download the app provided for the device and you are ready to fly. This technology piggybacks on WiFi signal, so please upgrade your WiFi if you can!

As you fly and hover this beauty in the air, you can take aerial videos of the environment, then it will be immediately be uploaded to your device, and to your Youtube account, if you want.

The package comes with the drone, a battery, a charger and two shells for indoor and outdoor use.

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