password protected secure thumb drive

Password Protected Secure Thumb Drive

Keep personal and business files secure

Keep your top secret, proprietary, and most personal files locked into an encrypted and secure thumb drive. The Aegis USB secure thumb drive by Unicorn is designed for those of you who need to keep your data files safe, secure unobtainable to prying eyes.

You can stop worrying

The beauty of a personal thumb drive is that you can back up, and carry your most important data with you, almost anywhere you travel. The problem with that is you run the risk of losing it, or damaging it, or having it stolen off your person. Now, you can secure all of your most secret information into this easy to hide USB thumb drive, and leave it unattended without worrying about someone plugging into their laptop and simply downloading your life’s work.

Available in 4GB-8GB-16GB-32GB

The Aegis secure encrypted flash drive is available in 4GB-8GB-16GB-32GB models, and each allows you to encrypt with your own programmable and changeable 7-15 pin number. No additional software or drivers needed. This is an easy to use plug and play USB thumb drive.

Secure and easy to use

Order your encrypted thumb drive with personal PIN number today and you will be able to sleep safer tomorrow, knowing that everything you have worked so hard to keep confidential, is finally safe from prying eyes.  It’s a secure and easy way to back up your important files and digital photos.

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