Polar Ice Cube Trays

Penguin and Polar Bear Ice Cube Tray

Make a statement about the condition of our polar caps

Penguin, and Polar Bear shaped ice cubes are, too cool. Literally! It’s like having a miniature version of the North and South Poles in your drink. Whether you’re just into Polar Bears, and Penguins, or your looking for a simple way to make a symbolic statement about the condition of our melting polar regions you’ll find these temporary works of art can warm up the conversation.

North Pole South Pole –  I always forget  

A quick lesson to get your bearings straight: The Arctic Circle is where you can find polar bear populations. The Arctic Circle is near the North Pole. You’ll find penguins in Antarctica which is in the Southern Hemisphere. This means that Antarctica is near the South Pole.

For adults and children 

The penguin and polar bear ice cube tray shaped cubes are perfect in adult cocktails, as well kiddie beverages. Polar bears, and penguins are a favorite of many children, and kids will love the animal shaped ices cubes. This is a wonderful gift for that special niece or nephew, or maybe you picked the the outspoken activist at the company gift pool. Either way, order this fun, and useful gift today, and it  ca be shipped tomorrow.

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