Pharmacy Floor Lamp with Adjustable Pole and Shade

If you’re like me and love to read and/or work at home in your office  space, a pharmacy floor lamp with adjustable pole is a must-have lighting solution.

I wanted to find a pharmacy floor lamp that was:

a) was cheap (yes, I’m a cheapskate)

b) delivered to my home office (for free, of course)

c) totally adjustable height lamp post

d) adjustable lamp shade

Okay, enough with the A-Z list; I’ll just expound on all the other functions this floor lamp by Cal Lighting  offers.

Having a penchant for decor, I can appreciate the versatility this lamp affords. I can see this oil-rubbed bronze-look floor lamp in a gamut of spaces from Antique/vintage, to traditional, to urban-loft industrial modern.

How cool is that?

The lamp post is adjustable height from 47″ to 57.5″, so that’s quite a bit of height–or not.

The 100-watt light can be down-lighted or turned up (the lamp shade is adjustable) for an uplight, torchiere effect.

Finally, the metal lamp post and shade are available in several metal finishes: bronze, antique bronze (looks a bit like antique brass), and dark bronze finishes. Just like the genuine metal oil-rubbed, bronze pharmacy floor lamps.

Finally (I’ll call this part two of ‘finally’),  the pull chain switch is great if you’re like me, elderly, have a disability or can’t/don’t want to bend over to turn the lamp on and off.

With so many things to like about this pharmacy floor lamp, with its adjustable height pole/arm and shade by Cal Lighting, the price might just floor you.

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