Philips Digital AirFryer Review – Low Fat!

The Philips Digital AirFryer is quite a product. It’s an excellent machine if you love to travel. The AirFryer is easy enough to take with you on the go, and more useful to bring with than your toaster or microwave.

This low fat fryer can be adjusted to be heated to over 390 degrees. It also has a double layer rack that increases the surface area. If you’re big on healthy options, it’s worthwhile noting that with this machine you have the option to use a little oil or none at all.

You can fry french fries and other foods without all the excess fat that deep fryers use. This is perfect for the health conscious person who doesn’t want to add useless calories and unnecessary fat to their meal. The touch screen on the front allows for easy navigation of settings for this digital device.

With non-stick coating, it’s pretty simple to clean as well. Whether you care about healthy options or whether or not you travel, this handy product will probably get used more than any of your other kitchen appliances, and will be well worth the purchase.

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