Pink Chandelier for Girls Room

Often times baby, little girls and older, tween and teen girls’ rooms are limited on floor space, and it’s here that a pink chandelier can add the lighting you need while adding to the bedroom’s pink palette.

I define chandeliers as  a room’s crowning jewel. Add crystals (even the faux ilk like this chandelier’s) and you’ll love the extra bit of light that’s cast about by the 3-bulbs filtered through the faceted crystals–this chandelier is quite the ‘gem’ for girls’ rooms from  nursery to tween and even teen.

I chose this highly-lauded, sweet pink crystal chandelier among others to feature for these reasons (and I bet you’ll agree):

Obviously, this chandelier has plenty of crystal-like pendants to bounce prism light about your girl’s bedroom, and the chandelier frame is lined with smaller jewel-like studs. The entire fixture is pnk, pink and more pink.

Another of my faves is the sweet, little flowers at the end of each scroll. It’s small touches like this one that we might  miss, but the big picture, with all the chandelier’s features as one, sure makes all the difference.

Don’t you think so?

Here’s something to think about this lil’ pink chandelier that puts it ahead of other pink lighting (for girls) like it:

As a mom, I know how many phases–or crazes–little girls want for their room’s decor; I call it the Bambi-to-Bieber Phase, and it can be a challenge to find cheap decor. I don’t want to invest a lot of money at any phase of girls’ or boys’ bedroom decor–it’s cheap-o all the way for me. And this ideal includes lighting.

It just makes for plain, good sense to opt for a cheap chandelier–especially one that will go all the way through every phase of your girl’s development–like this pink chandelier charmer. It can work in baby girl’s nursery, toddler/little girls’ room, school-aged girls and teens, even to dorm room!

If you figure the cost of this chandelier into every year you’re able to use it in your little girl’s to teen’s room, I figure you’ll come out well under $5 per year.

Here’s another great feature this ‘cheap’ pink chandelier is best:

You can choose to keep this little chandelier as a plug-in model straight outta the box: just plug in and flip the switch. If you’re handy, you can splice the wires and hard wire the chandelier, making it a permanent lighting fixture in your girl’s or teen’s room.

Pink is such a fabulous color to decorate with as you can use any number of hues together–from light pink to hot pink–and you’ll be just fine.

Create a cute little reading or chatting nook in a focal corner or your little girl’s to teen’s bedroom: hang this chandelier above a ratty-old armchair. Toss fun and/or funky accent pillows on the chair and a cool throw on its arm and you’ve a fabulous space on an instant that very  cheap (did i say cheap?). Add a small, old nightstand or end table you’ve painted pink or turquoise and maybe a cheap, pink fluffy rug I mentioned in other articles, here and you’ve an ama-ZING space for next to nothing!

All this splendor and coolness starts with this inexpensive, pink chandelier and its matching pink crystals. Who knew your girl’s room could be so FAB?

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