Pink Flamingo Solar Powered Garden Light

Pink Flamingo Solar Powered Garden Light

Do you secretly admire those funky plastic lawn flamingos, but hesitate to put one in your own yard?  This Pink Flamingo Solar Powered Garden Light may be the answer to your delimma!  An updated version of the 1950’s craze, this one offers a good deal more sphistication.  Not only is the design more modern, but the light feature will satisfy the ‘greenie’ in you.  In the body of the tropical bird is a crackle ball that lights up at night, compliments of the solar power it collects during the day.

The light is powered by a AAA battery that recharges by sunlight.  Best of all, these lawn ornaments are hand crafted, and then individually painted, so yours may be slightly different than one in the yard down the street.

At 37 inches tall, the pink flamingo solar powered garden light is about the same size of one of the smaller and less common species of the real thing.   That would be the James’s Flamingo, which is native to the higher altitudes in parts of Peru, Chile, Bolivia and Argentina.

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