Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Lamp – Modern Day Lava Lamp

A decorative choice

The natural crystalline appearance of the Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Lamp makes it a decorative choice for most any contemporary room. The lamp makes a wonderful night light, it can be used as a soothing and romantic backdrop, and it offers a wonderfully calming affect for those times when you simply wish to meditate or reflect on the day.

Turn off the light shower

Maybe you’re just tired of being submerged in a full on fluorescent, or incandescent shower. When that happens you can turn on your salt lamp, and begin to experience a little peace, as a soothing orange glow is emitted.

From the Himalayan foothills

This precious salt was formed millions of years ago in an ancient sea bed, that is found in the Pakistani foothills, of the Himalayan Mountain Range. It is mostly mined from the Khewra mines in Pakistan. The Khewra mines are one of the world’s largest salt mines, and continue to supply most of the globes Pink Sea Salt needs

Also a flavor enhancer

In the last decade much has been written about the extraordinary flavor and purported therapeutic effects of the mineral. – As a flavor enhancer a little dash of the pink salt goes a long way, and as a health product it is said, that once the heat from the light bulb warms the salt, it will cause an emission of negative ions, which will cleanse the surrounding air.

Modern day pyramid power

The science behind the health claims may be questionable, and it’s possible that the Himalayan Pink Sea Salt may just be our modern day version of pyramid power, but one thing is for sure; as a decorative piece the Pink Sea Salt Lamp does seem to have its place in today’s design world, just like the lava lamp did decades before. Order the Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Lamp today, and you can bask in its soothing orange glow tomorrow.

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