Great Dragon Castle by Playmobil

The Playmobil Great Dragon Castle Set

I always wanted to live in a home that was designed like a castle. This one will do!

Why didn’t they make great toys like this when I was young?

The Playmobil Great Dragon Castle set is sure to give your youngster hours of make-believe fun! It is manufactured in Germany, and the Playmobil company has been making interesting, durable toys for almost 40 years. They are designed to insure your children have years of fun from them, and then, they can be passed on to the next generation.

This particular set comes with:

  • A “fire-breathing” dragon
  • A large castle, complete with drawbridge
  • A dungeon – well, of COURSE there is a dungeon – it’s a castle!
  • 4 knights, to defend the castle
  • A working ballista – which is a weapon that can hurl rocks or other projectiles
  • A functioning beacon light
  • Shields for the knights, and many other accessories

Because the Playmobil toys are so durable, they can be put into water without any damage, and if you own a castle, you need a moat – don’t you?

Just be sure that the child you intend to have play with the Playmobil Great Dragon Castle set is over 3. There are many small parts that a toddler might like to pop into their mouth, and swallow them!

My children had a castle set when they were young, and played with it for hours on end. As a result, they all love castles – and so do I!

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