PocketMonkey: Multitool That Fits in a Wallet

PocketMonkey: Multitool That Fits in a Wallet!

For most of us living in the 20th century our life means CONVENIENCE which actually equates to lifesaving. What I mean is in this fast paced life, you need a multi tool device that can be easily inserted in your wallet and be readily available anytime and anywhere if the need arises. I am talking about the Pocket Monkey – the 12 in 1 utility tool. This is a wallet size utility tool which has a dozen different tools used for emergencies. This is packed into 1 millimetre of stainless steel, is flat and with a monkey design. Name the tools, screwdrivers, bottle opener, peeler, etc. you have it. Grab this one and you will be identified as MacGyver in an instant. Wouldn’t it be nice?

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One half of the founders of Whyrll. A normal guy by day, a ninja by night. Has the radical hair that can launch a thousand UFO's and has the coolness factor of a cucumber dipped in ketchup.

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