Polaroid 300 Camera Brings Back Memories of Instant Photography

Instant photography is born

In the early 1970’s Polaroid introduced instant photography to the world, and for the next three decades it was how we took snapshots. Overtaken by the invention of digital photography in the late 90’s, Polaroid’s instant camera’s began to see a decline in popularity, and by the beginning of the 21st Century they were little more than collector’s items.

Digital isn’t necessarily instant

The ease and convenience of digital photography has made it the standard of the day, but even though you can take thousands of pictures before having to change, or empty your memory card, you still need to transfer the pictures to a printing device before you have a photo in hand. Digital photography is convenient, but by no means instant. The Polaroid 300 camera instantly prints your photos – How convenient is that?

Instant photography makes a comeback

There seems to be a resurgence in the popularity of instant photography, maybe Polaroid’s marketing efforts have paid off, maybe the “Baby Boomers” are having a fit of nostalgia, or possibly a new generation of instant photography enthusiasts is emerging. It’s likely a bit of each, but one thing is for sure – People of all ages and backgrounds like instant photography.

People of all ages and backgrounds like instant photography.

The Polaroid 300 Instant Camera PIC-300L is a winner

The Polaroid 300 Instant Camera was introduced in “2010”, and it’s been a winner ever since. The camera instantly prints business card size color photos for you to share on the spot. The Polaroid 300 camera is another wonderful gift, or it makes for a great personal camera. Have an upcoming event? You can order it today, and take snapshots tomorrow.

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