Pop Art Star Trek Shower Curtain

Are you a Star Trek fan?   Whether you enjoyed The Original Series or any of the other Star Trek series and movies, now you can boldly go take a shower behind this pop art Star Trek Shower Curtain.   Seeing the bright colors and bold Federation insignia patterns will surely wake you up in the morning and get you ready to explore where no one has gone before.  Or at least get you out the door to go to work.

The insignia that are represented are command (the yellow insignia on red background), ops/security (red on yellow), medical (green on blue), and science (blue on green).

This is a great gift for Trekkers and Trekkies everywhere.   If you love the pattern but don’t need this Star Trek shower curtain, it also comes on t-shirts, water bottle, greeting cards, and even a smart phone or iPad case.

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