Portable Air-Conditioner by Handy Cooler

Don’t you wish you can carry an air-conditioner with you during a seasonally hot weather?  It is quite obvious that is definitely impractical, if not impossible. So the next best thing is to bring something like a portable mini air-conditioner such as this awesome product by Handy Cooler. Of, course it doesn’t comes close to your home’s AC in terms of producing a colder air, but this one can at least make the hot summer temperature more bearable by blowing a breeze of up to 30 degree Fahrenheit.  According to Amazon feedback, the air blown by Handy Cooler is definitely cooler than your ordinary fan. So how it works? This Handy Cooler is aerodynamically engineered to circulate the colder air generated from the moist filter, so breeze blown by this fan feels is much cooler that usual summer temperature.

There are also choices on how to powered- up this little beast. You can choose 4 pcs battery for mobility or usb adapter for extended usage.

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