Portable Kitchen Island with Seating for Less

I really got excited over this portable kitchen island.  My only regret is I didn’t make this myself (no, I don’t have interest in the company, either).

Often, where there’s minimal space–particularly in kitchens–we have to get extra savvy with our space’s furnishings, and everything we add should be portable, have wheels and/or space for extra storage with seating and an attached table or at least, built in there, somewhere. Whew!

That’s some job description above.

While finding a well-crafted portable kitchen island with seating might sound impossible, the one I’ve included here, has an attached square or round table with two stools that tuck underneath the island, so you’ll have one tidy unit that rolls away on its four wheels (casters).

Talk about portability!

Extra-ingenious, there’s a towel bar that attaches to either side of the island, along with two storage drawers for your kitchen knives or table settings for dining. The attached drop leaf table folds out into a square table or round table depending on the design you choose. The kitchen island and seating match in either a natural or teak wood finish and the wheels lock, so you can wheel the island anywhere in your kitchen, lock the wheels and know your sandwich won’t roll away from you.

One more great thing, is this kitchen island’s size: 29.6 x 29.1 x 32.8 inches and promises to fit in the center of your kitchen or flush against the wall. And since the stools fit underneath the island, and the attached table folds down, the unit doesn’t hog all the kitchen’s floor space.

I’m all for a bargain and this portable kitchen island is super-cheap but only on the price tag. It’s well-rated and when delivered, this kitchen island with extra storage, seating and attached (either round or square table) is an absolute best buy for your smaller kitchen needs.

Small kitchen tip: Remember to ‘go up’ for your storage needs. Instead of a red pepper picture above this island, consider a super-cool chalkboard wall decal. You’ll have a message center in the design of your choice for under $10 (you can see them at the link; just key in “kitchen chalkboard wall decals” on Amazon). Use kitchen bowls on your counter to hold fruit, or use a hanging chrome vegetable and fruit basket (also under $10) for other things, like utensils–or even mail.

In smaller kitchens, this island with attached table and seating and so savvy planning, you’ll have a fabulous kitchen for less!

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