Portal 2 Gun Replica

A portal device at the palm of your hands! Ok, a tiny portal device on your hands. It might not be as large as the video game (not unless your screen is teeny tiny) but it looks great. You can display this on your office cube and let your office mates gawk at how nerdy cool you are. It cannot create portals, so do not try.

This foot long of Science is not just a paperweight, though. The switch lets you select the orange or blue light as the awesome sound from Portal 2 fill the whole office. The claws are extendable and posable too.

This is superb for the video game geek who happens to have played Portal.

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One half of the founders of Whyrll. A normal guy by day, a ninja by night. Has the radical hair that can launch a thousand UFO's and has the coolness factor of a cucumber dipped in ketchup.

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