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I love bacon. I love the taste of bacon. I love the smell of bacon. Heck, I love bacon in every conceivable form. And I could eat bacon at every meal. Bacon and eggs for breakfast, BLTs for lunch, bacon wrapped meatloaf for dinner, even chocolate covered bacon for dessert. But who knew I could smell the aroma 24 hours a day without eating all the extra calories by wearing bacon deodorant?

J&D’s Power Bacon Deodorant is definitely a product for the bacon lover in all of us. It smells deliciously just like the real thing. Wearing it would make you the most popular person around. Well, unless you’re a pig farmer or friends with vegans or vegetarians.

Personally, I think bacon scented deodorant would make a funny gag gift to give to bacon-obsessed friends or anyone who’s a foodie. I’d also consider giving it to any annoying co-workers who happen to be going camping in the woods. Wearing it would soon make them a bear’s best friend.

And it’s not fake novelty item. It may smell like bacon and be more of a white elephant gift, but, apparently, it works just as well as any perfumy deodorant you’d find in the stores.

So if smelling like your favorite food appeals to you or you want to give one as a laugh to friends and coworkers, you can’t go wrong with bacon antiperspirant.

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Abby Fitz is a writer of many interests. Gluten free cooking, natural hair care, photography, and court reporting are just some of her eclectic interests. Abby Fitz participates in the Amazon Associates Program.

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