Top Rated Rotating Pizza Oven

Presto Pizzazz Rotating Oven for Perfect Pizza!

College student, parents and pizza lovers, listen up. If you don’t yet have a Presto Pizzazz Rotating Oven, you could be missing a trick.

Now I’m not one to get excited about kitchen gadgets, but if I’m going to eat pizza, I want it to look and taste good. Let’s face it, baked in a conventional oven it often disappoints. It’s tough enough to get a perfectly-cooked pizza from a fresh, ready-to-bake one (supermarket or homemade), but frozen ones are a real hit-or-miss experience. I don’t know about you but soggy, unevenly-cooked pizza can put a real downer on the evening.

Pizzazz Rotating Oven is the solution we’ve been waiting for. This top-rated tabletop oven has legions of fans with almost 1000 5-star reviews on Amazon. Easy to use and versatile, it has fast become a must-have gadget for the kitchen, dorm, or RV.

How it works

It has a heated pan that rotates. It’s that simple. The top and bottom elements heat separately so you can come up with custom heating settings. That means you get your pizza just as crispy as you like it, on both sides.

No more waiting for your conventional oven to heat up and dealing with a hot kitchen, plus it saves a whole lot of energy (up to 60%) compared with normal oven cooking. You avoid those hot and cold spots since the Pizzazz Oven heats evenly. The pan can be removed for easy cleaning too.

So it just cooks pizza?

Far from it! Use it for heating or re-heating anything small enough to fit on the non-stick pan: bread rolls, wings, chicken nuggets, garlic bread, even french fries. In fact, owners of this rotating oven have successfully cooked everything from egg rolls to fish sticks. You can even try baking cookies on it.

Great for heating up cold foods too.

What else can I do with it?

Well, the beauty of Presto Pizzazz being portable is that you can take it those places your home oven won’t go. Get an extension cord to use it beyond the kitchen, or why not take it on the road in your RV.

Hands up if you want one!

It’s an ideal gift for high school graduations and sending away with a new college student, hugely popular for teens, and great for a grandparent to whip up quick, tasty meals for the grandchildren. Also a fantastic gift idea for couples and housewarmings, and bound to be appreciated by newly-weds too. In short, anyone who likes tasty food without spending hours in a hot kitchen will enjoy this fun rotating pizza oven.

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