Quirky Pluck Yolk Extractor

Quirky Pluck Yolk Extractor

How many eggs have you brutally mutilated while extracting the egg yolk from the white? If the number is high enough for you to feel ashamed about it, you definitely need the Quirky Pluck Yolk Extractor.

The Quirky Pluck Yolk Extractor looks like a huge suction bulb, the type that you used to play with in a science lab. It works the same well as well. All you have to do to extract the egg yolk is to break the egg into a shallow bowl, position the yolk extractor over the yolk, squeeze and then release the bulb to pluck out the egg yolk and suck into the yolk extractor.

To release the yolk, just squeeze the bulb again and out it comes. Couldn’t be simpler and no more mutilated eggs.

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