My Quotable Grandkid: A Grandparent’s Journal Of Unforgettable Quotes

My Quotable Grandkid: A Grandparent’s Journal Of Unforgettable Quotes is one of my favorite books; it certainly is unique and a real gem.  Considering that the 144 pages between the covers are empty, one may think that this book contains very little substance.  To the contrary because it is a book just waiting to be written by the little folks grandparents love the most.

The blank pages await all the lovely, the funny, and the memorable quotes that cause grandparents hearts to sing!

My Quotable Grandchild is the sequel to the best-seller My Quotable Kid, which has gone on to sell more than 100,000 copies.  My Quotable Grandchild contains plenty of room to record many witty sayings. With my twelfth grandchild due in just a few weeks, I appreciate the opportunity to record so many wonderful memories.  The book also features a photo window to showcase the entire family, and a ribbon bookmark so I can easily find the next empty page to fill with memories!

Each entry has a heading to fill in the grandchild’s name, age, date, and where the quote took place.  I have had a good start since receiving the journal one year ago.  Some of my favorites includes:

Who:  Max
Age:  4 ¾
When: Feb. 12, 2014
Where:  In the car.
Quote:  As the sun was shining in his face Max remarked “Curse you weatherman!”

Who:  Amante
Age:  2
When: Feb. 25, 2014
Where:  At home.
Quote:  When I noticed that he had covered his hands with colored pens I asked Amante why he done so, he answered “I am a Power Ranger; this is my special power!”

Who:  Amante
Age:  3
Where:  At a restaurant for a family dinner.
Quote:  Amante: “Grandma I am not handsome any more.”
Me:  “Why not?”
Amante:  “Because I’m gorgeous!”

Who:  Stefania (while cuddling)
Age:  4 ¾
Where:  At home.
Quote:  “Grandma you have a big belly just like a fluffy marshmallow cloud.”

Who:  Pawel
Age: 4
Where: At home.
When: Christmas, 2014
Quote:  “Glama,” which I believe he calls me because I am so glamourous!

Like most grandparents I could go on and on about the witty sayings of my lovely grandchildren, but instead I suggest you purchase this journal and have your own grandchildren fill the pages!

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