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Read While Lying In Bed Prism Glasses

Read a book lying on your back

Ever want to read a book while your lying on your back without having to hold it over your head. That’s too tiring on your arms.  Or maybe you like the thought of watching TV while your flat on your back? For any reason you are unable rise from you bed, you can see at a 90 degree angle.

I thought prisms made rainbows

Yes it’s true that when light passes through a triangular prism it will separate the white light into it’s individual colors; red, yellow, green, orange, blue, and violet.  In physics terms this is called  this dispersion. The rest of the world usually refers to the pretty colors as a rainbow. The prisms in the these reading glasses use the properties of refraction to allow you to view at 90 degree angles. So, even when you are lying on your back, and looking straight up you can see items that are positioned outside of your natural field of vision.

Prism glasses use no batteries

You can do just that with prism glasses. These nifty little spectacles allow you to read at angle without stretching, twisting, cranking or otherwise contorting your body. The bed prism glasses require no batteries, winding, or special lighting of any kind. Order your prism reading glasses today, and you can have them shipped tomorrow.

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