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Real Ghost Stories by a Ghost Whisperer

When Ghosts Speak: Understanding the World of Earthbound SpiritsMary Ann Winkowski isn’t like most of those Paranormal investigators you see all over the Internet and television. With most of those guys your BS meter starts beeping ten seconds into their story.Most of those self-proclaimed ‘experts’ can only give you bits and pieces of the story, too. And their excuse is always that it’s too difficult for the spirits to come through or there’s some kind of ‘interference’ in the atmosphere.

Mary Ann actually converses with the ghosts she sees – and she sees them everywhere.This book is a compelling look at the spirit world through the eyes of someone who has spent years honing her unique gifts.The reason this book is so mind-boggling is because we’ve heard so much garbage from those so-called Paranormal Investigators who seem to be taking over the media. When you listen to someone who’s the genuine article, it’s hard to believe.

But Mary Ann has been communicating with ghosts since she was 4 years old. So yes – she knows what she’s doing. She gets complete messages because she really is a Ghost Whisperer!

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